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Despite the way he looks, Grisel never thought himself destined for greatness. In fact, for a very long time, Grisel thought he was destined to a lonely, mundane existence, never knowing adventure or excitement, never suffering intolerable pain or loss, living his whole life in his little fishing village. But destiny had other plans for Grisel.

Growing up, Grisel was a simple boy with simple ambitions living in a simple village. Not content to be a fisherman as his father had been, Grisel joined his friends in signing up to be part of the village guard. However, unlike some of his friends, he had no ambitions of any sort of higher station. He guarded the storehouses, mostly against drunks stumbling into them in the dead of night. He was content to live that life, knowing no great desire but for the longing of the love of the most beautiful lady in his village, Tatiyana. But such desires he felt were distant as the sun in the sky. That is, until one day, when fate struck.


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One day, several adventurers washed up on the shores of his village. They were taken in by the elder, who believed them to be an omen of good luck. His village had something of a tradition, which was carried out around once every year. Someone from the village was to be sacrificed to a creature from the ocean, who was a herald of the sea goddess. They had not yet chosen a sacrifice, and these adventurers had shown up just in time to be the sacrifices in question. And the village elder believed that more sacrifices would satisfy the creature so much that it would grant the village prosperity for years to come.

As luck would have it, Grisel was chosen to guard the house in which the adventurers were locked. That is where Grisel met the dwarf Wade, who tempted him with promises of gold and riches and women and adventure. But Grisel was not easily swayed. When Wade inquired as to Grisel’s desires, Grisel had only one to voice. Wade promised Grisel that women easily fell in love with the bravery of adventurers, Grisel’s heart turned a little. Not enough to free the adventurers, but enough.

On the night of the sacrifice, Grisel found out something that troubled him. The village elder had decided that the adventurers were not sufficient sacrifice for the creature, they needed to sacrifice someone from the village itself. The lottery was cast and the person chosen was Tatiyana. That was enough to move Grisel. When the night was dark and most of the village hid and huddled in their homes, waiting for the creature to leave, Grisel brought the adventurers their weapons and freed them. Wade convinced him to stay and fight, handing him a bow with which he was not at the time proficient. The adventurers fought the creature as Grisel aimed shot after shot at the creature. Most of his attacks missed, though a couple found purchase. Then, as the creature loomed and most of the adventurers were felled, Tatiyana in its sights, Grisel shot one final fumbling shot. It struck the creature in an exposed weak point at its core and destroyed it. Grisel had done it! He had killed a fearsome creature!


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Scoring the final blow against the creature gave Grisel a great sense of confidence. Wade invited him to join the party and he did. He bade farewell to Tatiyana and joined Wade and his friends on his first adventure, to a haunted island. There, he watched and his new companions all get killed by shadow creatures which emerged as soon as they stepped onto the island. Then he sailed away to the Moonsea, where he started his journey as an adventurer, learning to wield his draconic blood for arcane power, as well as finding a place among the followers of Bahamut, doing his great works.

Not only does Grisel serve Bahamut, but in fact, he has met Bahamut on several occasions, though Grisel has yet to notice. He has been sent by Bahamut to right wrongs all across the land and even across time. Along the way, in service of Bahamut, Grisel has felled many dragon cultists, defeated many dragons, and even become a hero.

As a servant of Bahamut, Grisel is no friend to evil chromatic dragons, especially those in league with the cult of the dragon. On his adventures, Grisel has taken out many dragons in the pursuit of his ideals. Dragons such as Venomfang, a young and foul green dragon living in an old wizard’s tower. Then he and his companions fought a fully mature white dragon named Arauthator, the Old White Death, who was defeated, but managed to flee with his life. The next dragon he faced was Chuth, the Emerald Assassin, a brutal green dragon and loyal servant of the cult. As one of the witnesses to the horrifying events at Phlan when Vorgansharax laid claim to the Cinnabar Throne, Grisel and his allies set their sights on the Maimed Virulence and took him down right at the seat of his power. Not simply satisfied with taking out such a colossal and corrupting threat, whose influence spread like poison across Phlan, Grisel sought out more disruptive draconic prey. To that end, he took to Skyreach Castle, to the lair of Glazhael the Cloudchaser, and took down that great white beast. After hearing of Grisel’s reputation for dragon slaying, King Hekaton of the court of the Maelstrom requested Grisel’s help from the Lord’s Alliance, despite his shaky relationship with the organization. With the king’s help and that of some other fellow adventurers, Grisel took down the Doom of the Desert herself, Imryth the ancient blue dragon, along with her spawn, an adult blue dragon named Anaxaster. Though he did not himself deliver the final blow, his strikes were powerful enough to drive her back into her lair. If an evil chromatic dragon should hear the name “Grisel,” even in a whisper, they now know to hide.


Indeed, as when Grisel left his home, his little fishing village, he was hailed as their folk hero, Grisel felt destined to be a hero. He personally witnessed the fall of Phlan as the dragon Vorgansharax took the town over. But it wasn’t too long before Grisel had a chance to return to take down the great beast. He, along with a new team of adventurers, called Team Lightning Round, took the beast down in the beast’s own lair, a throne room littered with a hoard of treasure. Grisel had become a hero, the hero of Phlan. But more adventures await him in the future. He is not yet done. Until he feels he has earned enough renown to win the love of Tatiyana, he will not return home, even if it takes him the rest of his life.


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