5e Gimmick Build – 3 – Dr Feelgood

As of my writing this, Adventurer’s League is currently in Season 4. To the uninitiated, that means this set of adventures takes place in a place called Barovia, a land ruled by a powerful vampire named Strahd von Zarovich. Practically, this means two things: the first is that adventurers that become trapped in Barovia are stuck there until they somehow find their way out. The second is that everything is 5x-10x more expensive, and that potions are much more rare and practically impossible to buy while in-game. That creates somewhat of a shortage of potions in Barovia, but fear not, Dr Feelgood is here to help.

The requirements for crafting a Potion of Healing are somewhat vague. In the Downtime Activities rules, it lists that you can craft a Potion of Healing with 25g and 10 downtime days. The requirement for crafting items in general requires a character to be a spellcaster and at least of 3rd level. Specific to crafting a Potion of Healing, the text for the Herbalism Kit states that a character must be proficient with the Herbalism Kit to craft Potions of Healing.

So those requirements are pretty low. The first order of business would be to get proficiency in Herbalism Kits and to be a spellcaster. So, to fulfill both those requirements, the easiest way is to just become a druid. We’re done, right? We can just go home now. Well, wait. We still need 2 more levels to be able to craft. They could be any levels, even druid levels. But, what would be better for someone whose job is delivering potions than to have Fast Hands? With 3 levels of rogue, you can choose the oft-ignored archetype, thief. As far as I can tell, there aren’t a ton of benefits to being a thief, but one of them is the ability to Use an Object as a bonus action. What better way to deliver a potion(or Goodberry, for that matter) than to use it as a bonus action? This is a much smaller writeup because this is a much less ambitious gimmick build than the others I’ve posted.

However, for bonus points, you could put a level into Life Cleric so that each of your Goodberries(which, again, you deliver at bonus action speed) heals 4 points. That’s 40 points total from a level 1 spell. Sure, it doesn’t scale and you’d have to spend actions and bonus actions eating them or feeding them to people, but it’s just one more element to make your allies Feel Good.


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